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Spirit Gum 1/4 oz Graftobian


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Adhering Prosthetics

Begin by determining the area where the prosthetic will be placed. Check for proper alignment and sizing. The edges can be trimmed for a better fit. Brush Graftobian Spirit Gum onto the back of the prosthetic, or for larger pieces, directly onto the skin. For best adhesion, tack the Spirit Gum on the appliance or the skin by gently tapping it with your finger. Once it starts to feel sticky, position the piece and press down. For larger prosthetics, apply and tack the Spirit Gum in small sections, working around the piece until it is completely glued down.


Remove any excess blood from the piece and skin with warm water and a paper towel. Using a small brush or cotton swab, work a small amount of Graftobian Makeup & Adhesive Remover under the edges of the prosthetic, being very careful around the eyes. Once the piece is off, use the adhesive remover to clean off any residual makeup and spirit gum. Rinse the skin with warm water.

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